Mädchen mit Geige sucht Karriere? Lindsey Stirling hat es geschafft.

Lindsey Stirling ist das geradezu perfekte Beispiel dafür, wie man im Zeitalter des world wide webs, social media und mit einer Prise Selbstmanagement eine solide Karriere auf die Bühne stellen kann.

Miss Stirling, you are sort of a ’self-made star‘ – what does (your) success mean to you?
It is pretty incredible and I still can’t believe that, what started as little internet videos, has turned into full production world tours. What!! I work incredibly hard but really … a dancing violinist? I almost have to giggle to myself that it worked. But I hope that what I do inspires others, so that they can carve their own way.

Choosing a path in life can be a daunting task. When did you know what kind of a career you wanted to pursue?
I always knew I wanted music to be a part of my life, but I always thought it would be a hobby. Then I was in college and I would be sitting in classes or trying to study and all I cold think about was how excited I was to get back to my music projects. I filled all my free time with naming with bands, and writing and I finally realized, that I had to find out how to make this my life.

What was your biggest obstacle on your way to the top?
It was honestly the devastation I felt after Americas Got Talent. I had hit many road blocks and dead ends up to that point, but that was almost the breaking point. It was so devastating when what I thought would be the biggest moment of my life turned into a scripted public humiliation on live TV. I took a moment to really think about wheather or not I still had any heart left to continue.

In your opinion: Which characteristics does a person need in order to be successful in the music business and why?
Perseverance – you have to know how to pick yourself up from the failures, because there are more no’s than yeses for sure. You have to be hard working, talented, creative and personable.

Considering your biggest achievement in life: Which one would that be?
There is no one achievement that I can pinpoint, so I would say it’s the overall nature of what I do. I am an independent artist that gets to fully run the show. I creative direct everything from my albums to tours, and rather than being owned by a label that pays for everything, I am able to self fund it all. That is mind blowing!

Informationen zur aktuellen Tour und der Künstlerin unter:
lindseystirling.com oder auch universal-music.de/lindsey-stirling/home

Das Gespräch führte Bettina Riedel.

Jung, hübsch, erfolgreich - und aktuell auf Tour: Lindsey Stirling.
Jung, hübsch, erfolgreich – und aktuell auf Tour: Lindsey Stirling.