Girlband? – Nicht ganz.

Katzenjammer ist die wohl abgefahrenste Girl-Band, die momentan durch die Musikgeschichte rast! Die vier Damen aus Oslo spielen nicht nur ein Dutzend Instrumente, sondern beherrschen auch jeden Musikstil von Country über Folk über Pop über Rock über Shanty. Was aber bedeutet es ständig im Rampenlicht zu stehen? Wie gehen sie mit Rückschlägen um?

© Erik Weiss

As a band in the music business you have to go through ups and downs. Do you know self-doubt and how do you deal with it?

As a human being, you go through ups and downs. As an artist, you have to expose yourself on stage also on bad days. But that’s actually sometimes a good medicine for self doubt. If you dear to open up at your most vulnerable, you might grow stronger if the feedback is good. But it’s sometimes a scary chance to take.

To what extent do you cope with these negative experiences in your music?

As a band, we’re lucky to have each other. We support each other – no matter what. So far, the negative experiences are fewer than the positive ones. And we also try not to focus to much on negativity.

How do you handle criticism?

We accept it as differences. You can’t reach everybody. This is also something that comes along with this industry. But ones again, we don’t waste energy by focusing on this.

What does success mean to you?

Being able to live from what you love the most, and still reaching new people with our music.

What expectations do you have for your first live album „A Kiss Before You Go – Live in Hamburg“?

We never expect anything, but work hard and hope for everything. With our live DVD we might be able to reach people that of some reason can’t come to our show. And that would be a great achievement to us 🙂

Seit dem 25.5.2012 ist „A Kiss before you go – live in Hamburg“ im Handel erhältlich.

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