Tripple Rodeo

Billy Morgan hat es getan. Er ist der erste Boarder, der einen dreifachen Rodeo gestanden hat. Der gute Mann ist absolut geisteskrank, lebt wohl trotz dieses Handicaps immer noch in bester körperlicher Verfassung.

Zu seinem Trick, der übrigens „Konichiwa“ heißen soll, gab er auf folgendes Statement:

„I’d thought about it briefly in my head a while before, but then I think about a lot of tricks. It was only really that day. Ben [Kilner] was like, „I bet you can do a triple“ so I thought about it some more and said to Hamish [McKnight, GB Team coach] „Is this realistic?“ and he said, „Yeah, just go for it. It’s not one of the tricks you can huck and see what happens though, you have to intend to land it first try. So do it.“ And then… I kinda went and did it. [laughs]“